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    Customer testimonial

I take my two yorkies Troy and Achilles to France beginning of every summer and then back to London at the end. I am so happy to have found Darren who drove them instead of having to put the boys on an airplane, which is so stressful for them. They both came back looking very happy and seemed to have enjoyed their trip with Darren very much! They travelled together in one cage, and Darren also very kindly took a whole lot of our luggage on the trip. Which was a great help as we had about 6 suitcases to take back to the UK. Darren also told me that the boys weren't stressed at all and had all their meals and enjoyed the walk breaks. Which was great news! I would recommend Pet-Relocator, and am myself very much looking forward to Darren taking my doggies back to France again next year.
Thank you for taking great care of them!

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Hi Darren,
I was really impressed with your service.
You arrived promptly at my UK house, carried all the heavy luggage to your car and made sure all was left safely. You ensured I had food and drink arranged for the journey and all your little tips were useful.
I all the time felt secure with your driving. You were patient in traffic jams, for example crawling round Paris but made good speed on the motorways. You were so sensible stopping every few hours to refresh and have a rest, and of course I appreciated stretching my legs.
What really surprised and impressed me was the way you cleaned out Steptoe`s carrier when he did a stress-related poo while I held him!
I wonder if you have managed to get your own Feliway and whether it has worked on Mowgli?
Hazel and Steptoe send their best wishes to Mowgli. They have settled in well. After 2 weeks I let them loose on the terrace. I was really stressed in case they wandered onto other roof tops and couldn`t get back, but all is well. They have adapted well to Spanish cat food. I wonder if Mowgli has done?
Kind regards

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